A Two Lettered Word Called Me

And my heart got broken
Just like I expected…
We live in a world where we aren’t suppose to get exposed to all the evil things and just go on accepting like everything is perfect…
But why did I get hurt like that
U opened my eyes to the world for the first time then u banish me from it…
U were my first and I will always love you but for now I need some time..
I know u broke my heart but now I wanna choose me… Cos no one is gonna love me more then I love myself…
I can’t believe I almost killed myself over you… U don’t deserve to know the way I use to feel about u… U are dead to me… You will never bring me down again and I don’t wanna see u… I hate u… But I know that’s gonna change when I see u again
U are my baby…
But I need some time to find out who I am


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