Misery Loves Me

Who Am I
I’m Shane or Am I
Everyone is entitled to their way of living but not me
I try and be the normal person I am but some things you can’t hide away
Like the fact that I’m gay…
I know you’re thinking that u can hide it away
But I don’t think I can
Atleast not anymore
I always knew I was gay but I thought it would remain a secret
Then one day I fell out of the closet hard on my face…
And now I got to live who I was meant to be
So this is the journey I’m on
And the road has not been full of sunshine…
I’m not Shane
I’m Gay and this is my story


A Two Lettered Word Called Me

And my heart got broken
Just like I expected…
We live in a world where we aren’t suppose to get exposed to all the evil things and just go on accepting like everything is perfect…
But why did I get hurt like that
U opened my eyes to the world for the first time then u banish me from it…
U were my first and I will always love you but for now I need some time..
I know u broke my heart but now I wanna choose me… Cos no one is gonna love me more then I love myself…
I can’t believe I almost killed myself over you… U don’t deserve to know the way I use to feel about u… U are dead to me… You will never bring me down again and I don’t wanna see u… I hate u… But I know that’s gonna change when I see u again
U are my baby…
But I need some time to find out who I am

How To Kill A Mocking Boy

I’m laying in bed and what pops in my head is my primary school bully taunting me and calling me names… I’m walking in the road today and spot the Gang all sitting on a corner and I think to myself… I am different and I will prove them all wrong one day… I’m gonna be better and all those idiots and mother fuckers will get what’s comming to them… I hated them all my life… Like actually really mentally hated them… I even got obsessed with the idea of how to kill them… But now I feel sorry for them… They’re all drug addicts and pregnant homeless… I believe I’m here for a purpose… But what is my purpose… Am I really gonna wait so long for it to be determined…